Why is there no straight pride march?

Somewhere around the Lapu-Lapu shrine, while marching under the heat of the Manila sun, I asked my boyfriend (a pride march virgin) how it felt to hold my hand in public. He replied casually that we’d done it a few times before. Of course, during those few times that we did, there was always a quick mental assessment of our surroundings; “is it safe?”


Why this straight ally brought her family to Pride

Love, as many say, is a universal language. At one point or another we’ve all received and expressed love. But there are many people out there who have been denied this because of one thing—their sexuality. Thankfully, there is no place for this prejudice in my family.


Marching while in the closet at the Pride March

It was 2007 when I first heard about the Pride march. I had recently attended my first LGBT event, a forum about lesbian identities and relationships. When I found out about Pride, I immediately thought if it was possible to come and march even if I was in the closet.


10 Reasons Why Volunteering for Metro Manila Pride Is The Best

Nowadays it’s easy to give your two cents worth. Post your views on social media and feel validated with every like, comment, and share.

I’ve always been more comfortable sitting behind a computer screen but a couple of years ago I read a quote once that stuck to me like glue:

It went, “Here’s the rule, the airtight rule. Criticize somebody precisely in the measure that you are willing to help him or her deal with the problem you’re raising.’


The Pride Challenge for LGBT Filipinos

LGBT Filipinos have always lived precarious lives, so we have had to devise means to survive. There is a certain form of cunning that many of us have mastered: the art of fading into the background so as not to get into trouble. We grow up learning to keep our true selves from being seen by the people who are supposed to know and love us. We learned to protect ourselves. To shut the door against people whom we feel will hurt us, at the cost of letting love in. To deflect stares that weigh up our value as human beings. We know what it feels to be isolated, to be seen and yet not known, to be known and still be made to feel ashamed.  (more…)

Of Pride, not Prejudice

Back in the 90’s when I was in college, there were few avenues towards SOGIE awareness. I knew I was different. Although I was attracted to men, my attraction for women was developing and I was horrified; mainly because I was very confused.


Community Events you shouldn’t miss this week: June 13-19

We’ve got a packed and Pride-filled week! Some of the community events will donate part of their proceeds to the Pride Festival, so please make sure to go to them!

Here is your guide to the community events happening this week:

Monday to Sunday, June 13-19

Community Events - June 12-19

The Pride Month Exhibit at Pineapple Lab

This month, our friends at Pineapple Lab are serving up a whole lot of colorful and fruity programming to celebrate diversity! Check out their LGBTQIA+ artists on exhibit which opened during the Pride Night event of The Love Yourself.

On exhibit until the end of the month are the works of Mars Bugaoan, Joshua Galvez, Erka Inciong, Leeroy New, Tokwa Penaflorida, Jun Jun Sta. Ana, and Derick Vinculado.

Where: Pineapple Lab, 6071 R. Palma St., Barangay Poblacion, Makati City 

Why you should go: This is the first year that Pineapple Lab is dedicating an entire month of programming to Pride! Aside from the exihibit they have other events which you should check out.

Things you need to know: You can find out more details about their events via the Pineapple Lab Facebook Page.

Tuesday, June 14

There are two candle-lighting events for the Orlando Shooting today. Please go to one of them.

Why you should go: The Orlando shooting and all manners of hate crimes in the Philippines and all over the world are atrocious. In our campaign to end hate and instead let love in, we need to show a united front at all times against hate. Let’s signal to the world that us Metro Manileños do not and will never stand for the kind of hate that claimed all these lives.

Community Events - Babaylan Orlando Vigil

Candle-lighting for Orlando by UP Babaylan

UP Babaylan will be holding a candlelight vigil in tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting in Florida, USA. All are welcome to join!

Where: Vinzon’s Hall, UP Diliman

Tickets and time: This is a free event that will be held at 4:30PM today.

Things you need to know: If you can, wear black, bring a candle, and bring your friends. Find out more about this event by visiting the official event page.

Community Events - Kabataan Partylist Orlando Shooting Vigil

Candle Lighting for the Victims of Orlando Shooting by KABATAAN Partylist

KABATAAN Partylist invites everyone to a short candle lighting program for the victims of Orlando shooting. All are welcome to join!

Where: Gate 2, University of Santo Tomas, España Blvd.

Tickets and time: This is a free event that will be held at 4:30PM today.

Things you need to know: Find out more about this event by contacting 0975-212-0958.

Wednesday, June 15

Community Events - June 12-19

FREELOVE Campaign Photoshoot from Project Headshot Clinic and Zalora

For the first time ever, the innovative team behind Project Headshot Clinic (HSC) opens it doors to an exhibit that is dedicated to Pride and the LGBTQIA+ Community. Together with ZALORA and in partnership with The Red Whistle and Metro Manila Pride, this is a campaign that marches on to claim “what has been in captivity, isolation, and bondage: FREE LOVE.”

This campaign calls strongly for the freedom to love, for the eradication of hate. “To face reality with boldness and screaming passion for the unconditional, immeasurable, boundless and wonderful thing that is love. So regardless of your sexual orientation and gender identity, we embrace, we acknowledge. That is what FREE LOVE campaign is all about.”

Things you need to know: This photoshoot is a private event, but the exhibit will be open to the public.

Friday, June 17

Community Events - June 12-19

IpagLOVEan: Let Love In by Words Anonymous 

(benefit show for the 2016 Metro Manila Pride Festival)

Words Anonymous, the country’s most popular spoken word collective brings you “IpagLOVEan: Let Love In”, a night love, poetry, and love for poetry. Just like last year’s IpagLOVEan, they aligned their show’s theme with ours!

Where: Splice Resto Bar, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City

Why you should go: Aside from the stellar poets from Words Anonymous, the show also features LGBTQIA+ spoken word artists like Trisha O’Bannon, Mark Ghosn, Jerome Cleofas, Tolits Tanaka, and more. Plus, you can never, ever go wrong with a Words Anonymous show.

This is a benefit show for the 2016 Metro Manila Pride Festival. Part of the proceeds will be donated towards making Pride happen!

Tickets and time:  The show runs from 7 PM to 10 PM and tickets run for PhP 250 each. You can reserve your tickets here: http://tinyurl.com/ipaglovean

Things you need to know: There will be on-site registrations for Open Mic on this night, slots fill up pretty fast so come early if you want to perform! The bitchin’ poster is by Nicolai Maybituin. Find out more on the IpagLOVEan Facebook page.

Saturday, June 18

Community Events: Life Learners

Life Learners Presents: Two-One Tuwa at 21 from the Metropolitan Community Church of Quezon City

Join the Metropolitan Community Church of Quezon City (MCCQC) as they hold a Pride related Life Learners session this Saturday! The topic of the day are happy, joyful, fun stories about our lives as LGBT+ people! According to MCCQC, “Bawal ang malungkot na story, dapat happy-happy lang!

MCCQC’s Life Learners is a regular session/discussion on various topics of interest and also serves as a support group for people who regularly participate. It is a space safe for everyone, including the LGBT+. First timers and guests are much welcome.

Where: The MCCQC Chapel, 2/F Aurora Building, 836 Aurora Boulevard Cubao Quezon City. For the map and commute/driving instructions, click here.

Why you should go: This is a really cool and chill way to spend your Saturday. Not only that, the MCCQC bunch is a fun one! You will surely leave the event with new friends and nothing but happy memories.

Tickets and time: This is a free event that will be held from 5PM to 7PM.

Things you need to know: You don’t need to be Christian to go to a #LifeLearners event. Also, it’s not required but bringing a little bit of food to share with the new friends you will be making is cool.

Sunday, June 19

Community Events - June 12-19

Ampalaya Monologues #LoveWins

(benefit show for the 2016 Metro Manila Pride Festival)

Ampalaya Monologues is back this June to celebrate Pride Month!

Written by Mark Ghosn and performed by Theater in Alternative Platforms, the show will feature new stories of LGBTQ+ individuals and aims to showcase the different faces of love and the bitter taste that comes with it.

Why you should go: The #AMLoveWins pre-show will feature some of the best spoken word artists in the scene today, including Abby Orbeta and Louise Meets of Words Anonymous, Mark Dimaisip of Loudmouth Collective, and Alfonso Manalastas.

This show promises to leave you happy, inspired and most importantly, proud. Just like the Words Anonymous show, the #AMLoveWins show will also donate part of its proceeds to the 2016 Metro Manila Pride Festival!

Where: O Bar, Ortigas Home Depot, Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas, Pasig City.

Tickets and time: Tickets are going for PhP 300 and the show is scheduled to run from 4PM to 9PM.

Things you need to know: To reserve tickets click on this link: http://goo.gl/forms/OlLoliQ5VL28sdb12

Sign up for the open mic portion via this link.

For more details, check out the Ampalaya Monologues #LoveWins Facebook page!

Go out and get your Pride on, mahal! Have a great week ahead!

The Community Calendar is an initiative by Metro Manila Pride (MMP) to feature advocacy events from the community, benefit shows for MMP, or events from our partners. If you would like to feature your event on the calendar, please email us at metromanilapride@gmail.com with the subject line: “Community Calendar Submission.

’Wag Mashokot!: History of Metro Manila Pride March

On the day we observe our nation’s independence, let us also look back on the history of Metro Manila Pride —a movement that celebrates LGBTQIA+ diversity while highlighting the struggle for our right to live and love freely and without fear.


“Margarita With A Straw” at the Active Vista Film Festival talks about disability and bisexuality

The Active Vista Human Rights Film Festival organized by DAKILA and in partnership with Metro Manila Pride, presents “Margarita, With A Straw.” Showing on February 27 (Saturday) at Cine Adarna in UP Diliman, this is a film with “a lot of heart and powerful performances” about the life and coming out story of a young bisexual women with cerebral palsy.