Here’s how you can help make Metro Manila Pride Festival happen

Ever since it was first staged in the 90s, Metro Manila Pride (then known as LGBT Pride and Manila Pride) has been a labor of love. A very small group of committed volunteers keep the pride spirit alive all for the love of the community. But now Pride needs your help.


Hiya: An Epidemic

HIV an epidemic for LGBT Gay MSM
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Nakakahiya!” Between you and me, I’m sure we’ve both heard this word many times either from ourselves or from others. It’s a common expression used by a lot of Filipinos when it comes to a large amount of issues – whether it’s eating too much food at a party, talking too loud on public transportation, identifying one’s sexual orientation, or even talking about HIV. (more…)

Fighting Behind Closed Doors

As we move forward as a community of people willing not only to come out for love but also to fight for it, we cannot be blind to the fact that some of us are not able to keep up. While many of us are now willing to fight for love, some are still struggling to come out because of the various social circumstances they find themselves in.


Oldest Pride March in Asia to Wave Flag in Rizal Park

In celebrating the 21st anniversary of the Metro Manila Pride March, LGBTs and allies are invited to come together and advance the call for love right in one of the bastions of Philippine freedom: the Luneta Park. Participants will be assembling at the Lapu-Lapu Monument, also known as the Statue of the Sentinel of Freedom, in the afternoon of June 27, 2015.


#ComeOutForLove: Share your Story. Share the Love.

Task Force Pride (TFP) Philippines, the official convener of the annual community-driven Metro Manila Pride Season launched their #ComeOutForLove online photo campaign last September 15, 2014.

Come Out For Love Photo Campaign 2014
Kelsey is a 10 year old proud daughter to her lesbian mom, Cha Roque. She is also the youngest member of DAKILA Collective for Modern Heroism.


#ComeOutForLove is an interactive and person-centric campaign that aims to gather stories of support, acceptance, and bravery both from the non-LGBT sector as well as from members of the LGBT community. While past Pride celebrations focused on the daily struggles of the LGBT individual, this year, TFP is re-positioning the limelight on supporters of LGBT persons by encouraging them to share their stories of support.

Come Out For Love Photo Campaign 2014
Teofilo Jose Geaga is 66 years of age and a Freelance Printing Agent. Monina Geaga is 62 years of age, and is the outgoing Secretary General of SARILAYA (Kasarian-Kalayaan), a National Women’s Organization focusing on health and environment. Teofilo and Monina are the proud parents of lesbian daughter Ana Geaga.

“As we look back on our 20 years of Pride, it is important that we recognize and celebrate our often overlooked allies – our families and friends whose vocal support and love have helped immensely in sustaining this advocacy,” says Red Macalalad, Partnerships Head of TFP.

Our families and friends whose vocal support and love have helped immensely in sustaining this advocacy.

“Through this campaign, we want to emphasize the significant impact that coming out in support of your LGBT loved ones has on people’s lives,” says Nicky H. Castillo, Campaigns Head of TFP. “This campaign tells the families, friends, teachers, co-workers, and all allies of LGBT people that because of their support, life as an LGBT person in the Philippines is a little easier, a little brighter, and a little more loving.”

Come Out For Love Share Your Story Share the Love

Everyone is encouraged to participate by simply: (1) Writing on a piece of paper/board what or for whom they are coming out for. (2) Take a photo of themselves or with family and friends. (3) Answer the questions: Why are you participating in the campaign? Why do you believe it’s important to come out as supporters of your LGBT loved ones? (4) Post their photos and stories online using the hashtag #ComeOutForLove. They can also send the photo through Facebook message, tag us on Twitter (@MMPride_), or email us at

“We urge everyone to join us as we celebrate the wonderful, colorful lives of LGBT persons and the allies, friends, and families who have chosen to support and accept us as we are,” Loreen Ordoño of the Metro Manila Pride Communications Committee said. “Let us all be an inspiration to the LGBT youth of today so that when it’s their turn to take the stage and march on the streets, they will be proud to say that it did get better kasi pag-ibig pa rin ang nanaig (because love prevailed).”

The Metro Manila Pride Season is a series of community-led activities that culminates in the annual Metro Manila Pride March to be held on December 6, 2014 (Saturday). For more information, please email TFP Communications Head, Tao Aves, at or visit



Task Force Pride (TFP) Philippines is the official convener of the annual community-driven Metro Manila Pride season. This volunteer-managed, non-partisan, and not-for-profit network of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) groups, individuals, and allies works towards a future that recognizes and respects both the diverse expressions of responsible sexuality and the rights of LGBT persons to a dignified life without discrimination and prejudice.